Organic and Food Waste Recycling


Recycling plays an important role in managing the organic food and greenwaste generated in homes and businesses, and it reduces the need for landfills. We take pride in every effort we make to ensure that the delicate environment is protected for many generations to come.

If you have  or produce a large amount of food or green waste Burrtec provides several options for pick up and drop off of organic waste.

Burrtec Landscape Products

Coachella Valley Compost Landscape Products

Mandatory Organics Legislation Information

Source Separated Food Waste Information

Food waste program—commercial businesses are recycling food waste and turning into compost, including restaurants, country clubs and deli’s.

Agricultural land application
—using processed residential greenwaste as mulch for agriculture.

Mulches and soil amendments—using self-haul and commercial greenwaste and wood waste to make mulches and soil amendments.

Biomass wood fuel—wood and brush used as fuel to generate electricity.

Compost—using residential greenwaste and commercial food waste as feedstock.

Alternative Daily Cover (ADC)— use landfill ADC as an outlet for material.